Laurie Mika Mosaic Gallery

All images and concepts presented here are copyrighted by Laurie Mika.

Laurie Mika is a native Californian. She has spent most of her life in Southern California with the exception of her travels abroad. Laurie attended United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya for nearly two years in the early 70's. Laurie earned her B.A. in Liberal Arts from U.S.I.U. and continued on to graduate school at San Diego State University where she was enrolled in the Art History program.

While attending graduate school, Laurie worked in the Gallery at Bazaar Del Mundo in Old Town, San Diego. This work experience along with her education and extensive travels to places like India, Nepal, China, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Europe, Mexico and South America have all shaped the way her art looks today. There are definitely ethnic influences seen in her work. While having explored numerous mediums, her work retains a certain "look" that is unmistakable whether it be on canvas, furniture, masonite, wood or cloth.

Her work has branched out embellishing a variety of surfaces but always retaining a certain geometric sensibility. More recently, Laurie has begun employing her own unique handmade tiles along with mosaics, beads, and jewelry to create "contemporary icons". These wall pieces reflect her interest in Byzantine art, Illuminated Manuscripts and Mexican folk art. These disparate sources of inspiration seem to find a home together in this very eclectic approach to surface design.

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