Dawn Marie Zimmerman Mosaic Gallery

All images and concepts presented here are copyrighted by Dawn Marie Zimmerman.

My Mosaic Journey began by adapting traditional American patchwork quilt patterns using stained glass. I have traveled away from the direct interpretation of these designs onto a new path using geometric relationships, color explorations, and images from my daily life as primary inspiration. I have expanded my palette of materials to include glass tile, ceramic tile, unglazed porcelain, precious stones, and found objects.

I practice both the direct and indirect methods of mosaic. Each sheet of stained glass used is in its own right, a handmade work of art. For this reason, color, opacity, pattern and texture may all vary from one item to another when parts of the same sheet of glass is used. I hand cut all stained glass and tile material and hand blend all cement and mortar colors making each work truly unique.

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