Alex Gupton Mosaic Gallery

All images and concepts presented here are copyrighted by Alex Gupton.

Whether painting murals, drawing fine pen and ink artwork or piecing together the intricate mosaic tile installations, Alex is constantly pushing his talents and exploring new forms of expression. A lifetime of sketching and drawing, combined with expert tutoring and formal schooling, have yielded a diverse portfolio and commissions small and large throughout the United States and beyond.

He began to practice art of mosaic after a client requested a mural be painted in her pool. Knowing paint would not suffice for this application, Alex turned to mosaic tile. Alex discovered a passion for this art form during this first job, and is now using the age old techniques, along with a few modern innovations, to provide artwork that is both enduring and elegant.

Drawing from years of experience in artwork and design, Alex creates unique fine art installations in homes, gardens and businesses. His pieces incorporate a clarity of design and elaborate detail not typically found in this media. Each piece is designed and laid out by hand, without aid of computer design software.

Alex divides his time between Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii and the mountains of Wyoming with his beautiful wife Jacqueline and their three young children.

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