Brett Campbell Mosaic Gallery

All images and concepts presented here are copyrighted by Brett Campbell.

Brett and his wife Lesley collaborate to create their mosaic wonders. They are both eagerly involved in the conception and creation of each piece.

In Lesley, you'll see the natural artist - oozing with ideas on design & colour and a tendency to bring surreal features and bold colour combinations to our work. Many of the brightly coloured surreal animals & floral designs were created by Lesley.

In Brett, as the actual maker of the pieces, you'll see the perfectionist & craftsman at work. His design work tends more to realism and precision. Many of the natural scenes and geometrical designs were conceived by Brett.

They are entirely self taught in both art & mosaic art which has allowed them to develop their own unique style, guided only by their passion & intuition. All work is created from their home artist studio in Flaxton, Australia (near Montville) in a peaceful rural setting (peaceful that is, when their four children are at school!).

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